Why Personal Training?

People sometimes think of a personal trainer as a luxury and not a necessity. I believe this is backwards thinking, granted you hire the right trainer. I like to think of the right trainer as a teacher -- someone who is there to help you advance. Without the proper guidance and information, how are you to succeed? Like any great teacher, the right trainer is essential to your short-term and long-term successes. Whether you are starting out with an exercise program or looking to get to the next level with your fitness, a qualified trainer can provide so much knowledge that is important to specifically YOU. With this information you can work out smarter and eat smarter. This enables you to achieve your goals faster and to sustain your new and improved body far better than if you did it alone.


Why Choose Me?

As a kid, I was always super active, but was constantly getting injured. I'm not just talking about scraps and bruises here; I'm talking about sprains and fractures. My mom thought that perhaps I had a calcium deficiency and that my bones were weak. Doctors, on the other hand, told me I was fine. So what was really going on? 

It wasn't until I got certified over 10 years ago that I realized I had a ton of structural problems. In other words, my posture was terrible and it was putting undue strain on my body. Pair that with being really active and you have a recipe for disaster. As I gained knowledge about how to correct these issues and started applying it, I found that I was also building muscle far quicker and becoming much faster with my running. Why? Because my body was working more efficiently (think of it like a classic car getting an overhaul). Through this experience, I feel I am able to truly understand the challenges my clients face and believe such obstacles can be overcome with the right applications.

For the same reasons, I always thoroughly assess my clients level of fitness prior to the first session. This allows me to immediately address limitations in posture and movement patterns that might otherwise cause injury down the road. With this information, I am able to design personalized fitness routines and nutrition plans that I use to train and educate my clients as safely and effectively as possible. It is this attention to detail, careful monitoring, and true compassion for the struggle that set me apart from other trainers I have encountered.